Transpose - Click Tracking

Click Tracking Now Available

Last night, we released new click-tracking functionality for Transpose. Now, you can identify any visitor based on any element, link or button they’ve clicked on your website. How does it work? Transpose now includes an “Events” creator. Create a new…

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New Behavioral Targeting Features

Transpose now includes new behavioral-targeting capabilities that let you target visitors with personalizations based on their time on site, number of page views and many other data points. How does it work? In Personas, you can now build Personas based…

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What are buyer personas?

Imagine it’s Friday night, and your family is deciding which restaurant to pick for dinner. Everyone has different factors that are important. • The kids want a restaurant with crayons and chicken fingers. • Dad wants to spend less than $50…

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New Google Analytics Integration

Earlier this week, we released an integration with Google Analytics. How does it work? Transpose now tags each site visitor in Google Analytics with persona and industry data. Using custom dimensions, Transpose sends the following information about each visitor to Google Analytics: Personas…

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