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New Personalized Campaign Templates

When technology is at its best, it’s an enabler. Our goal at Transpose is to equip every marketer to be able to create a personalized website. We’re taking another step towards that with the launch of our Campaign Templates. Transpose…

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Transpose Dynamic Content Blocks

New Dynamic Content Blocks Available

Today, Dynamic Content Blocks are now available to all Transpose users. With Dynamic Content Blocks, you can now quickly build and deploy personalized content to your website using prebuilt templates. Simple add your copy, call to action and URL. That’s…

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New Behavioral Targeting Features

Transpose now includes new behavioral-targeting capabilities that let you target visitors with personalizations based on their time on site, number of page views and many other data points. How does it work? In Personas, you can now build Personas based…

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New Google Analytics Integration

Earlier this week, we released an integration with Google Analytics. How does it work? Transpose now tags each site visitor in Google Analytics with persona and industry data. Using custom dimensions, Transpose sends the following information about each visitor to Google Analytics: Personas…

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Transpose Takes a Step

Today, we’re launching the first iteration of Transpose. After talking with dozens of marketers, we realized there’s a huge gap in marketing tech. There’s been great innovation around technologies such as marketing automation, retargeting and sales intelligence. Yet, the focal…

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