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Content Blocks, HTML Editing, Dynamic Keywords! All in this week’s Transpose updates.

‘Utilizing’ a resource means making use of the resource in a way that moves the system toward the goal. ‘Activating’ a resource is like pressing the ON switch of a machine; it runs whether or not there is any benefit to be derived from the work it’s doing.
― Eliyahu Goldratt, The Goal


The goal for any business isn’t simply to have a website. It’s to generate demand and help potential customers clearly understand how we can solve their problems.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Transpose. We’ve launched several new features that will help you better “utilize” your website. Let’s dig in.

  1. New Content Block Types

We launched dynamic content blocks a few weeks ago, and these have been a runaway success. Many of you are seeing 5% – 10% click-through rates.

We’ve doubled down and launched two new content blocks to help you personalize your site and deliver targeted content to visitors.

Notification Bars can be added to the top or bottom of your page. These are great for announcing new content, events or product features. At Transpose, we use a notification bar to welcome visitors from other websites.

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Pop-ups can be triggered on your website and will take over your entire page. Pop-ups are great for generating email signups, content downloads or webinar signups.

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  1. Full HTML Control for Content Blocks

Want to create your own layout for a content block? Want to embed an email signup form from Mailchimp, Pardot or Campaign Monitor?

You can now customize the HTML within a content block.

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  1. Automatic Click Tracking

Click tracking on campaigns, particularly content blocks, has always been very important for measuring success. We’re pleased that we’ve launched this feature. We are especially delighted that it does not require any additional effort from you. No custom event tracking code – or anything – is needed to track clicks.

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  1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Several people have asked us about personalizing landing pages based on Google searches or even sales emails.

For example, if a person searches for “South Carolina peaches” – how can I ensure that keyword also shows up in my landing page? Or, if someone clicks on an email from my sales team, how can I ensure my landing page is customized for that specific person?

We loved these ideas and quickly built Dynamic Keyword Insertion for Transpose. Now, any value that is included in your URL can also be included in your landing pages. It’s incredibly easy.

For example, by enabling Google’s ValueTrack URLs, you can pass the keyword that matched your ad into your landing pages. ( From there, Transpose can use the keyword= value and personalize your landing page. You could also build your emails so that each URL dynamically passes parameters such as First Name, Company or Location, letting you personalize your landing pages for every prospective customer.

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keyword personalization2



These features are available immediately for every Transpose customer. Enjoy!








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Adam Steinberg

Adam is a co-founder of Transpose