How to use Segments with Google Analytics to Create Personalized Retargeting Campaigns

If you’re using Google Analytics together with Google Adwords, you can create targeted, personalized remarketing campaigns.

Instead of simply running a blanket retargeting ad to all site visitors, you can create micro-segments based on each visitor’s behaviors, interests and buyer persona.

It all starts with Google Segments.

Google Segments

In Google Analytics, Segments let you create groups of visitors based on practically any criteria.

For example, you can create Segments based on visitors that have:

  • Visited certain pages
  • Visited your site a certain number of times
  • Are from certain geolocations
  • Exited on a certain page
  • Completed custom events or goals

With custom dimensions (and Transpose), you can also target users that visit your site based on traits such as:

  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Company Name
  • Persona

For more information on setting up Custom Dimensions with Transpose, view our knowledge base article.

For more information on Segments, view Google’s help article.


Personalizing Remarketing Campaigns 

With your segments created in Google Analytics, you can now share those segments with Google AdWords and turn them into audiences available for remarketing.

Google provides a guide on how to share segments with Google AdWords. We’ve also provided a screenshot below of how this works.

Create Remarketing Segments with Google Analytics

From there, you can create a variety of different AdWords remarketing campaigns for each audience. Get creative! Try ideas such as:

  • Offering a demo or special offer to visitors that have been on your “contact us” page multiple times
  • If a visitor viewed an ebook or white paper but abandoned the form, remind the visitor to complete their download with a remarketing ad
  • Tailor your ad copy with unique messaging based on each visitor’s industry to drive them back to your site
  • Spend more when targeting visitors that viewed multiple pages on your site and are in your target industry



With Google Analytics, Custom Dimensions and Segments, you can create a powerful, personalized remarketing experience.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried using Google Analytics Segments with Google remarketing?





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Adam Steinberg

Adam is a co-founder of Transpose