Transpose Dynamic Content Blocks

New Dynamic Content Blocks Available

Today, Dynamic Content Blocks are now available to all Transpose users. With Dynamic Content Blocks, you can now quickly build and deploy personalized content to your website using prebuilt templates.

Simple add your copy, call to action and URL. That’s it, you now have personalized content on your website.

Need to customize your content? You can change your colors, fonts, sizes and virtually any other option.

Now, anyone can add personalized content to their website in minutes.

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How to Use Dynamic Content Blocks

Dynamic Content Blocks are a great way to guide site visitors and suggest the next step for them to take. Here are just a few uses we’ve seen:

  1. Guide visitors on your homepage to the next page most commonly viewed by customers that convert.
  2. For visitors that have viewed several pages, ask them if they’d like to receive a personal demo or speak with an expert about your products.
  3. Did a visitor view a piece of content but forget to download it? Remind them to complete their download on the new page view or site visit.
  4. Have an upcoming event? Target nearby visitors with a special invitation.
  5. When visitors read blog posts, recommend related posts or other ebooks to them.

Tailoring your customer journey is one of the most effective ways to help site visitors find what they’re looking for. (It also generates more leads and conversions from your existing website traffic.)


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Adam Steinberg

Adam is a co-founder of Transpose