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New Personalized Campaign Templates

When technology is at its best, it’s an enabler. Our goal at Transpose is to equip every marketer to be able to create a personalized website.

We’re taking another step towards that with the launch of our Campaign Templates. Transpose now includes seven different pre-built campaigns.

After studying how marketers are using Transpose, we’ve found these are the most common, and most successful campaigns. Think of these as your 101 curriculum – the types of personalizations every marketer should run to get the most website conversions.

These campaigns include:

• Welcome Campaign – Show targeted content to new visitors
• Content/Form Abandon – Remarket to visitors that abandon a form or download
• Target Industry – Personalize based on visitor industry
• Geolocation – Show content based on a visitor’s physical location
• Convert Blog Traffic – Move visitors from the blog to the website
• Current Customers – Identify users and promote news and updates
• Sales Ready – Target visitors that have shown strong interest in your products


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Of course, you can still create entirely custom campaigns with Transpose.

And on top of all this, we’ve also launched a new, streamlined process for creating campaigns.

These updates are available immediately for all users. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and see what you create.

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Adam Steinberg

Adam is a co-founder of Transpose