What’s the average bounce rate for a B2B website?

B2B marketers are always asking:  “How does my website stack up compared to everyone else? Is a 50% bounce rate acceptable? What’s a good bounce rate?”

To help marketers get a sense of what an average bounce rate is, we ran a quick survey of a fourteen different B2B marketers. The results were surprising.


The Survey

We asked marketers two simple questions:

  1. How many unique pageviews do you receive each month?
  2. What’s your bounce rate?


The Results

The average bounce rate was 61 percent. (We expected the average to be closer to 40%.)

The lowest rate was 36 percent, and the highest was 77 percent.

The median bounce rate was 62 percent. In fact, 57 percent of all participants reported a bounce rate between 60 percent and 69 percent.


Bounce Rate Increases as Page Views Grow

In our survey, websites with fewer than 30,000 monthly unique page views average a 57.6 percent bounce rate. Sites with more than 30,000 unique views average a 69.4 percent bounce rate.


What does it mean for you?

Most B2B websites are driving visitors towards some type of conversion. Typically, that involves completing a form on their website. Because of that, a lower bounce rate is better.

  • If your bounce rate is less than 60 percent, you’re on target. Keep up the good work.
  • Less than 40 percent? You’re best in class.
  • Greater than 70 percent? You probably have some work to do.

And remember, not all bounce rates are created equally. Your site’s layout and design will determine how realistic it is to achieve a low bounce rate.


How do you stack up?

While this survey was informal, we hope the data provides some clarity for how your website is performing.

What’s your bounce rate? Please, leave your numbers, thoughts and suggestions in the comments.



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Adam Steinberg

Adam is a co-founder of Transpose