Transpose Features

Identify personas, change content and more.

Persona Builder

Use Personas to segment and target website visitors, even before they fill out a form.

Create Personas based on:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Number of employees

Then, target visitors based on anything they do on your website, including:

  • Number of site visits & page views
  • Referral and campaign source (such as email or ad campaigns)
  • Specific pages viewed
  • Content viewed or abandoned

With Personas, identify key target accounts, visitors from different industries and even current customers.

Then, convert more visitors by showing personalized content and offers based on each visitor's behaviors. For example, convert more blog traffic with recommended content, ebooks or demo videos.

Track Clicks

Use Transpose’s visual editor to track clicks on any page without the need for custom coding or tagging. Simply select which element you’d like to track, and Transpose will automatically monitor that element for clicks.

Then, use click tracking to segment and target visitors that do – or do not – complete certain actions.

For example, identify visitors that view an ebook or white paper but do not click the download button. Then, use Transpose to remind visitors to complete their download.

Personalized Website Content

For each Persona, change your website pages in real time and show different content to each visitor. Transpose’s visual editor makes it simple to target different versions of your website to different Personas.

For visitors from target industries, recommend use cases, features or white papers that are most applicable to their company. Or, for visitors that have visited multiple times, show a targeted message encouraging them to register for a demo.

Don’t know HTML? With Transpose you can edit text or images without using any HTML code.

If you’re comfortable with HTML, Transpose lets you edit the HTML of any page element.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Add personalized content in minutes with pre-designed Dynamic Content Blocks.

Dynamic Content Blocks can be personalized and triggered on your site based on any Persona or visitor behavior. Use Dynamic Content Blocks to:

  • Recommend the next page for each visitor
  • Deliver recommended content based on past pages viewed
  • Display invitations to nearby events
  • Sign up more email subscribers
Measure Success

Track how many unique visitors from each Persona visited your site, how many pages they viewed and how long they spent on your site.

Within each Campaign, track how targeted content performs for each Persona. Transpose tracks goals completed, unique visitors and pages viewed for every Campaign.

Google Analytics Integration

Tag each site visitor in Google Analytics with Persona data such as company name and industry.


  • Filter page views, sessions and events by the industry of each site visitor
  • View website activity from specific companies
  • Track goals, custom events and conversions by Persona

You can even use Transpose's data to define new remarketing segments in Google Analytics. Then, run personalized retargeting ads and campaigns to specific Personas after they leave your site.

Setup is Simple

Just add a small line of javascript to your site. (Your website manager should be able do this in just a few minutes.)

Once Transpose’s personalization code is installed, you’ll never have to add or change anything else on your site. Any new Personas or Campaigns will go live on your site instantly.

Transpose is compatible with any CMS or website. There’s no need to integrate Transpose with your content-management system.

Continuous Updates

We constantly update and add new features to Transpose. We love hearing product suggestions from customers, and our top priority is to make you more successful with every update.